AllPlay 2 User's Guide
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AllPlay 2 User's Guide
Software License Agreement
What is AllPlay?
About LearningWare
Technical Support
About This Manual
Installing & Registering AllPlay
System Requirements
Installing AllPlay
Windows Users
Macintosh Users
Registering AllPlay
An Overview of AllPlay
The AllPlay 2 Game Cycle
Create a Game
Play the Game
Review Game Results
Definition of AllPlay Terms
Entering Text
Editing Text
AllPlay 2 Starting Screen
Create New Game
Play Game
Play Game in Progress
Edit Game
Main Menu
File Menu
Edit Menu
Play Menu
Results Menu
Help Menu
Saving and Naming Your Game
Creating a Game: Setup Screens
Game Setup
Gameshow Logo
Gameshow Music
Administration Options
Game Leader
Onscreen Buttons
Recording Results
Round Setup
Display and Feedback Options
Round Options
Selecting Questions
Question Order
Round Timer
Final Round Options
Survey Round Options
Team & Transmitter Setup
Number of Teams
Team Names
Teams & Players Wizard
Identify players by name
Keep it anonymous
Selecting a Transmitter System
iClicker Transmitter Setup
LearningWare Gameshow Pro 3 Setup
Current Works Sidekeys Setup
Fleetwood Reply keypads Setup
Edit Class Lists
Edit Player Names
Map Players to Transmitters
Assign Players to Teams
Creating a Game: Question & Answers
Question Overview Screen
Navigating Your Questions
Question Buttons
Question Points
Question Input Screen
Navigation Options
Question Point Value
Survey Questions
Revert Question Option
Q&A Options
Layout & Text Size Options
Layout Styles
Question Size
Answer Size
Maximizing Question & Answer Text
Checking Spelling
Answer Count
Importing Media
Importing Pictures
Importing Sounds
Importing Movies
Question Info
Playing a Game
Starting a Game
Playing the Opening Round
Playing a Question
Displaying a Question
Revealing Answers & Infos
Displaying Team Results
Revealing Survey Results
Determining a Winner
Scoring Points
Playing the Final Round
Playing the Survey Round
Instructor Commands
Using iClicker Leader Transmitter
Using Sidekeys Host Keypad
Lock Out Function
SWAP Function
Using Fleetwood Leader Keypad
Editing Scores
Editing Team Names
Playing Self-Administered Games
Reviewing Game Results
Team Reports
Individual Reports
Using AllPlay 2 Runtime Licensing
Creating Games for Runtime Distribution
Preparing Games for Runtime Distribution
Installing and Configuring Games
Distributing Runtime Games

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